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  1. Hi, sorry for the delay in answering. My Contact info is: Dave Jahnz 858 354-4200 davecast@mac.com
  2. Hello Minke, I have a few questions: - Have you worked with Paper Printing before? - Do you work in the medical industry? - Do you have CT scan in STL, WRT, or OBJ format you would like to try? Thanks Dave
  3. Hi Dr Mike. I'm based in El Cajon Ca. (suberb of San Diego). I mostly use .obj, .wrl or .ply for color. I can use .stl and add colors if desired. I would love to make a model from scans.... for you free of charge. Let me know Thanks Dave Jahnz 858 354-4200 imtyris.com
  4. Hello. I own a 3D Printing Service Bureau (imtyris.com). The out put of our 3D printer is a paper model, either plain white, or in millions of colors. I'm looking for someone to work with to develop CT or MRI data into a full color paper model. Dave Jahnz Imtyris 858 354-4200
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