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    These are three separate CT scans. The Spine - Cervical is from 2005, the Scull is from 2012, and the Spine - Thoracic is from 2016. There is some overlap between the scans so they merge without much work. The screenshot above is of a model I paid to have printed but the image resolution is terrible. I am not sure which DICOM Series he used but you can't see the space between the vertebrae so something went wrong. base, skull, spine, cervical, dorsal, transverse, spinous, process, intervertebral, disc, bone, body, lordosis, foramina, foramen, ribs, joint, muscle, atlas, axis, dens, posterior, fossa, mastoid, process, petrous, ridge, coronoid, process, pterygoid, process, sphenoid, ethmoid, maxillary, sinus, paranasal, lower, turbinates, nasal, trachea, lung, mediastinum, ventricle, auricle, septum, ct, scan, without, contrast,


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