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    I used the python script text file to shrinkwrap a skin around a foot ct scan. Much better than running the steps manually so the file was greatly appreciated. I had a little trouble with the syntax - perhaps some more detail on correctly inputting the target_object would be helpful. The printed model foot had a few holes in it - so I'm still working on my technique!
  1. Hi Terrie and Mike Sorry for the delay in responding - i forgot to turn on notifications. I haven't had a chance to check the forum for a few weeks. I much appreciate you taking the time to offer your advice. I will give both methods a go and workout what works best for my needs and post back with my results. Thanks again James
  2. Hi I am after some help creating a model of a failing hip replacement for the purposes of surgical planning. I have a CT scan showing the area of interest. I can easily print a model of the bone and hip replacement together. I can print the metal components separately but ideally I would like to print a model that shows the metal in situ in gray and the bone in white. I have been using Osirix to define different thresholds which allows me to specify bone or metal but cant work out how to have one STL file that contains both. I have a dual head 3d printer already. My questions is can this be done using Osirix or is there another software package that can do this and how? Thanks James
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