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  1. Not all the algorithms are based on different threshold values. I don't mean to get super-technical, but I am a somewhat skilled programmer for a very limited number of things. It's a super-simple algorithm to simply put a threshold on HU. There are a bunch of other approaches algorithmically. You can also threshold based on texture analyses even in 3D slicer. I could go on here for ten paragraphs, but trust me there are a lot. AI based segmentation that is pretty accurate is available for some things...but the ones I have seen were custom built by companies for a particular entity looking to segment something specific e.g. just segment out the lungs into bronchopulmonary segments.
  2. I use 3D slicer at home, but I was in a course where Philips Intellispace was taught. Both have advantages and disadvantages. I'm sure the Intellispace costs differently depending upon how it is negotiated. If you want I can send you my contact there who might know what kind of deal was negotiated for my course. These things are inherently local although the company a big multi-national. I currently live in Israel, and still had to route all my questions through that contact in Spain where the course came from, as Philips here is different. The versions of Intellispace are even slightly different depending on your region. You live in the USA, and they are sort of hyper-capitalists over there. If I were you I might try to negotiate with Europe, and claim your site is intended to be a global resource.
  3. The ease with which you segment depends on the algorithms and tools you use. You don't actually have to do much manually. I have some expertise in this. Have you tried Philips Intellispace Portal? The European version 10s have pretty good segmentation algorithms, and you can put in your own scripts. Anyways, thanks for actually taking the time to respond. I have now found some well segmented ones. By the way, some of the bone segmentations clearly had the HU "border" set in a non-optimal way.
  4. Over the past few weeks I've tried several models- mesh files- on the website. They were all free. The quality was below anything I would have produced by careful segmentation. Are the free models all of lower quality? Has anyone seen a higher quality mesh file that can be downloaded for free?
  5. I have just begin reading about the service, but it seems the algorithm gets rid of small bones from another post. If I want to completely control the process from CT or MRI until a Meshmixer or STL file on opensource software, what steps do you reccomend?
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