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  1. Hello, I converted dicom to stl printable file via the online software. Unfortunately, the complete data was converted into stl file. Instead, I intended to convert only the bone. How do I eliminate the unnecessary parts from the data. I have attached scrrenshots of the converted stl file. As you can see, one can not distinguish the bone here from the complete scanned data. Kindly support me resolve this.
  2. Version 1.0.0

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    Mukesh Aggarwal - stl file processed Have embodi3D 3D print this model for you. This file was created with democratiz3D. Automatically create 3D printable models from CT scans. bone, .stl, printable, 3d, model, lower, turbinate, mandible, maxilla, zygomatic, septum, nasal, atlas, axis, cervical, spine, maxillofacial, maxilla, dental, dentistry,


  3. Version 1.0.0


    Case, axial, ct, scan, without, contrast, .stl, printable, pterygoid, vomer, hard, palate, cbct, incisor, molar, premolar, teeth, dental, dentistry, arch, nasal, maxillary, sinus, ethmoid,


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