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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Need this to see the quality of embodi3d in file conversion . Looking to make patient specific external medical devices . ct, scan, with, contrast, abdomen, liver, veins, suprahepatic, portal, gallbladder, urinary, bladder, colon, ascendent, descendent, spleen, small, bowel, aorta, celiac, trunk, hepatic, artery, mesenteric, stomach, diaphragm, lumbar, bone, 3d, model, .stl, printable, medulla, mesentery, inferior, sigmoid, psoas, muscle, ribs, abdominal, cava, vein,


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    Test Sample

    Version 1.0.0


    Want to see how embodied works for creating an 3D model of scan data, to create external medical devices based on the data from the patient . Superior lateral genicular artery, Vastus medialis muscle, Vastus lateralis muscle, Superior medial genicular artery, Genicular anastomosis, Femur (shaft) Iliotibial tract, Medial collateral ligament, Lateral femoral condyle, Medial femoral condyle, Lateral meniscus (anterior horn), Descending genicular vein (articular branches), Lateral tibial condyle, Medial meniscus (anterior horn), Inferior lateral genicular artery, Medial tibial condyle, Peroneus (fibularis) longus muscle, Inferior medial genicular artery, Extensor digitorum longus muscle, Tibia (shaft), Tibialis anterior muscle, knee, pes anserinus (superficial), Anterior tibial recurrent artery and vein, Semimembranosus muscle (tibial attachment deep pesanserinus), Extensor digitorum longus muscle, Popliteus muscle, patella , MRI, t1, without, contrast, 3D, model, .stl, printable, meniscus,


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