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  1. Hey everyone, Here's another Hemi-maxillectomy case. The patient was presented with an aggressive tumor in the right maxilla.
  2. hnekooei

    pre-surgical models

    These are some of models printed for pre-surgical planning. All made out of PLA
  3. Thanks kopachini! Please share the pictures of your project with us if it's ok with you.
  4. Hello everyone We have been working on another interesting case recently, and I thought I would share it with you. The patient had been diagnosed with odontogenic myxoma, and had undergone hemimaxillectomy. Due to loss of literally half the face, the patient is seeking a solution to help bring back his facial profile. We designed a prosthesis, using mirroring techniques, and the result turned out to be like this. The next step is to determine how to make the actual prosthesis.
  5. hnekooei

    Study models

    These are some of the models printed for pre-surgical planning, all with PLA
  6. Thanks Dr. Mike for your How-To. I have uploaded a case in the marketplace. Happy printing!
  7. 28 downloads

    Printing Tip: This case is printed easier if you cut it into two pieces, like the image. This way, printing will require less support and the surgeon or the observer will have the chance to look inside. Case like this could get tricky and may require some patience.


  8. I guess you're right. I have found another case of craniosynostosis, but I can't upload the files in the marketplace. When I hit the ATTACH button, nothing happens. Do you know what could be done?
  9. Hi Vlad, I would love to, but as this patient is not mine, I'm afraid I don't have the permission to share any files but images right now. Do you want me to inform you if I could get my hands on any other craniosynostosis patient's files?
  10. No problem at all! A very great point. And wow, I didn't know Mayo Clinic is that expensive! In addition to cost, the outcome of the surgery is improved very much. In the OR, there is always other tissues and edema, and when a surgeon is bending the plate in the OR, the result is often not very predictable because of that. This way they can shape a more symmetrical plate, which leads to a more symmetrical appearance. Also, patient is under less anesthesia time.
  11. Here is another good case worth sharing: The patient is suffering from a mass in mandible, which is extended into the ramus and mandibular condyle. The mass has perforated the bone and in CT data, air is seen in the ramus. The left mandible is the pathologic and study model. The right one, is made with a technique called "Mirroring". This is a pretty useful technique to produce a rather normal anatomy, so the surgeon will pre-bend the surgical plate on the mirrored model, so after they have resected half of the mandible, they don't have to do the time-consuming plate bending while on the operating table. Our colleagues have reported that this method reduces the time of the surgery up to 2 hours! Please let me know what you think.
  12. These models are pretty nice! What material do you use? Are they flexible or rigid? We have some experience in vascular models also. Among them are some rigid study models like stenosis cases, and also Aorta models used for angiography training.
  13. I hear Formlabs offers great printers. The printer I use is a RepRap (prusa) and it works great, although I had to calibrate it and try a lot of different configurations first. But I owe a lot to this machine because I learned everything from this process. Please share some images of the models you make with us, if you like. I have worked with 3D Slicer on PC and Mac, but I have a Mac myself so, most of the time I do the segmentation with 3D slicer on my Mac, which is great, and I go straight to Meshmixer for further editing and things like separating the mandible from the cranium. I recently worked with OsiriX which is a cool software, but somehow I like the mesh 3D Slicer produces more. Do not under estimate the power of this wonderful free app. It does the job pretty good with reasonable results. Hi Dr. Mike! Thank you very much
  14. Hey! I have used many, like Materialise, 3D Slicer and so on. You have to use an array of softwares. And yes! this is one of the many models I have printed. I use a RepRap printer with PLA (1.75 mm), with 0.2 mm layers. This kind of models like the above picture takes about one whole day to print and sometimes you have to start over due to technical errors. Have you printed any models? And what kind of use do you expect from it? Cheers Amir
  15. This is actually very amazing, and it is really doable with some practice and mastery of the softwares. We have printed numerous models, from crania-maxillofacials to vascular malformations, and also some interesting craniosynostosis cases. It is getting pretty common in the hospital.
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