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  1. I haven't checked it out recently but I will, thank you! I'm a big fan of 3DSlicer. I'll let you know if I have any questions.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This is a model of a right renal cortex (kidney). It was processed using tools found in 3DSlicer and the image itself is a sample image in 3DSlicer. The download contains two files: an intact renal cortex and one that is sliced in half. kidney, renal, cortex, 3dmodel, stl, parenchyma, pyramids


  3. Version 1.0.0


    A thoracic vertebra generated by using the contouring tools in 3DSlicer and smoothed in Blender.


  4. Thresholding is also my least favorite method of segmenting. I work in a radiation oncology department with access to some fantastic contouring software (MIM, Raystation, Eclipse, Pinnacle). Unfortunately, none of them have simple volume export functions. We've written a simple script which takes a Dicom structure file and outputs a simple CSV file with the contour point cloud. Using these tools along with 3DSlicer we generate volumes from these contours that seem to be much more accurate, have less noise, and are produced much faster than with the tools in 3DSlicer. Hopefully the contouring tools found in those softwares will make their way to 3DSlicer someday.
  5. I am a Medical Physics resident with a passion for 3D printing and design. My current research involves 3D printing/scanning in Radiation Oncology. I have an undergraduate degree in Physics and a Master's degree in Medical Physics, though, I like to think that my skill set goes beyond physics. I love 3D printing and think that it has wonderful potential in medicine. Please message me with any opportunities for someone in my position Michael Platt CV.docx
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