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  1. Thank you for the suggestion, Angel! I do want to have it printed from my own DICOM files, rather than someone else's, but perhaps the person who did that has already figured out how to separate the two, and could do the same for me, for a fee. Do you think that printing from 2 separate DICOM files (one for the cranium, the other for the mandible) would require two different printing jobs, or a significantly higher cost than just printing them as one unit?
  2. I want to have a life-sized human skull printed from DICOM files, and I'm wondering if the mandible can be printed separately, so that I can articulate them. Has anyone heard of this being done? Is it possible to somehow separate the DICOM files of skull and mandible, so they can be separately printed? If so, what are my material options? BTW -- I recognize that a separate mandible is unlikely to stay in place on the skull, and that's fine; I'm capable of fabricating some method of holding it in place. Thank you in advance for any thoughts on the topic.
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