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  1. I have a CT scan that I would like to print. While looking at the data, I found that the scan isn't uniformly sampled in all directions. The DICOM image axes - call it X-Y - are high resolution - about 800x1000. The number of slices in Z for each is a little over 100, always giving a slice thickness of 3mm (compared to 0.5mm for the other axes). Anyone know why the sampling isn't uniform? The non-uniformity results in stair-stepping and missing detail (see pic). I suspect the data was decimated for one of a few reasons: (1) to take less storage overall, (2) to make it easier for the Dr to review (100 images vs 1000), (3) to make it fit on a CDROM or (4) to reduce the noise in any particular slice. The full data probably exists somewhere, but I don't know what to ask for. The radiology dept just gave me a blank stare when I asked for the high-resolution version. FWIW, the machine is a Philips ICT-256.
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