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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Coluna Cervical - stl file processed Have embodi3D 3D print this model for you. This file was created with democratiz3D. Automatically create 3D printable models from CT scans.


  2. Version 1.0.0


    Teste Impressaoo Maxilar - stl file processed Have embodi3D 3D print this model for you. This file was created with democratiz3D. Automatically create 3D printable models from CT scans. head, skull, 3d, model, .stl, printable, frontal, temporal, parietal, occipital, orbit, malar, zygomatic, arch, nasal, ramus, coronoid, process, temporomandibular, joint, craniotomy,


  3. Roald

    Coluna lumbar

    Version 1.0.0


    Coluna Cervical, resonancia Coluna LUMBAR, Sacral plexus and (left) internal iliac artery and vein, Gluteus medius muscle, Obturator nerve, Ovary and uterus, Urinary bladder, Gluteus minimus muscle, Hip joint, Roof of acetabulum, Inferior glenoid labrum, Head of femur, Superior glenoid labrum, Iliotibial tract, Iliofemoral ligament, Greater trochanter, Obturator internus muscle, Femur (neck), Levator ani muscle, Vagina, Obturator externus muscle, Medial circumflex femoral artery, Iliopsoas muscle, Pubis, Obturator nerve, Deep transverse perineal muscle, Lateral circumflex femoral artery and vein (descending branch) and femoral nerve (anterior cutaneous branch), Pectineus muscle, Femur (shaft), Gracilis muscle, Deep artery and vein of thigh, Adductor brevis muscle, Vastus intermedius muscle, Adductor longus muscle, Vastus lateralis muscle, (Superficial) Femoral artery, vein, and saphenous nerve, Vastus medialis muscle, Diaphragm (lumbar part), Posterior intercostal artery and vein, Thoracic vertebral body T12, Left kidney, Superior vertebral endplate L1, Psoas major muscle, Inferior vertebral endplate L1, Anterior external vertebral, venous plexus, Intervertebral disk L1/L2 (anulus fibrosus), Transverse process L4, Lumbar artery and vein, Iliacus muscle, Lumbar plexus, Ilium, Thecal sac (lumbar cistern), Iliolumbar artery and vein, Lumbar vertebral body L5, Internal iliac artery and vein, Promontory of sacrum, Gluteus medius muscle, Median sacral artery and vein, 3d, printable, model, .stl


  4. Version 1.0.0


    Teste de impressão para buco maxilar, head, neck, axial, stl, dicom, 3dmodel, print, brain, lobules, Frontal sinus, Frontal bone, Falx cerebri, Orbital gyri, Straight gyrus, Superior temporal gyrus, Optic chiasm, Amygdaloid body, Pituitary stalk, Lateral ventricle (temporal horn), Dorsum sellae, Hippocampus, Pentagon of basal cisterns, Inferior temporal gyrus, Parahippocampal gyrus, Tentorium cerebelli,sulcus, Pons, Sigmoid sinus, Cerebellar peduncle (middle), Fourth ventricle, Dentate nucleus, vermis of cerebellum (superior part), Temporal bone, Confluence of the sinuses, Cerebellar hemisphere, Transverse sinus, Occipital bone, maxilla, maxillary, sinus, hard, palate, nasopharynx, nasal septum, lower turbinates, mandible, orbit, nasal, septum, paranasal, sinuses, ischemic,


  5. Version 1.0.0


    Teste de impressão através de uma tomografia, ct, axial, dicom, without, contrast, frontal, sinuses, temporal, parietal, occipital, vomer, palate, hard, maxilla, mandible, upper, incisor, canine, molar, premolar, orbit, sphenoid, ethmoid, cells, zygomatic, lower, turbinates, petrous, ridge, auditory, canal, external, clivus, magnum, axis, atlas, cervical, spine, pterygoid, process, parotid, gland, head, craniotomy, bone, ischemic, coronoid, temporal, without, contrast, parietal, occipital,


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