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    Sample brain data from the HCP (Human Connectome Project). Brain segmentation done using FreeSurfer. MeshLab used to smooth the surfaces. Three files are available (a) Full Cortical view, (b) White Matter (no cortex), and (c) left Cortex - right White Matter. Cerebellum and subcortical structures are digitally removed. Superior frontal gyrus, Coronal suture, Precentral sulcus, Precentral gyrus, Parietal bone, Paracentral lobule, Central sulcus, Postcentral gyrus, Superior parietal lobule, Precuneus, Middle frontal gyrus, Precentral sulcus, Postcentral gyrus, Paracentral lobule, Supramarginal gyrus, Inferior parietal lobule, Precuneus, Parieto-occipital sulcus, 3d, model, printing, printable, brain, organ, central nervous system, sylvian,


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