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  1. I only recently discovered that 3D printing is available to the masses and am really excited about its role in future medicine. The durable devices, the surgical instrumentation, the educational aids, oh my! I'd like to tinker around a bit, so the question is what modeling programs are best suited for the complex, organic architectural motifs of the human body? Long ago, I worked with engineering SW like autocad, ProE, and Catia, but would like to know if anyone has suggestions for programs better suited for body parts. Any favorites out there? Especially free ones Thanks!
  2. Fascinating and an important advancement for drug R&D, but the implications for future clinical applications like autografting are unclear. From Organovo's press release, the major step forward here is the ability to better model liver pharmacokinetics and possibly some pharmacodynamics for some drugs, but how this is achieved is not specified beyond "3D printing" and the product tissue does not necessarily resemble real liver tissue histologically. A more impressive next step would be to print a functional lobule-equivalent mimicking a wider array of hepatic functions and that is scalable to multiple units operating in parallel. As you pointed out, the complex hepatic microstructure will be tricky.
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