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  1. Thanks Mike, Very interesting and informative review. I agree about the small build size and proprietary architecture with the form2. The technology seems to have stalled a bit there. I would have expected a form3 or 4 and more competition in this space. Having said that, I did receive one of their sample pieces and am very impressed with the quality. I am very impressed that you took on the challenge to come up with a better hardware and software for medical and anatomical models. Does that mean that you developed your own 3d printer? Will you be marketing or selling it? FDM, SLA? Very exciting and exhausting for you. This site is great, I look forward to spending more time here and talking with others about the process and results.
  2. Hi everyone, I have been printing for a long time with my Ultimaker 2+. As a result I am limited when it comes to creating detailed models that have extensive organic shapes like branching vessels etc... There is only so much supports and laborious cleanup can do. I have not been able to test the Ultimaker S5 with the addition of dissolvable materials. Knowing what I am after would you recommend skipping FDM printing and looking at the Form2? Are there Pros and Cons that apply to medical or organic model printing beyond build volume that would be valuable when considering what direction to go? Lastly, I realize that it can be difficult to calculate cost, but what overall expenses would one expect to see from the same part printed by FDM vs SLA? Any help, suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi Mike, Is there a Mayo Clinic Collaborative 3D Printing in Medical Practice 2019? I can't seem to find any current information on it?
  4. Beautiful, what printer was used for this?
  5. Great tutorial, very complete and well thought out. Do you prefer 3Dslicer to Horos? Are there advantages or quality differences worth mentioning? Will the Democtatiz3D app offer vasculature as an operation in the future?
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