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  1. Unfortunately I will not be at RSNA this month. I may be in attendance at SIR, waiting for my schedule to be finalized prior to making travel arrangments. This months Radiographics has two articles, Medical 3D Printing for the Radiologist and Three Dimensional Modeling, discussing 3D printing and the radiologists role in this emerging field. Pretty neat stuff to see it finally come to a major journal. Also used Blender to Meshlab to smooth out my kidney model with an exophytic RCC with great results. Dr. Mike any recommendations for Blender tutorials? I have been watching some youtube videos and they seem helpful. J. Scales
  2. Dr. Mike, Thanks for the video hotlink. I wouldn't have even tried looking through that video for the shrinkwrap and remesh tool. Very good to know. I just received a 3d printer, Lulzbot Mini, and I am trying to create 3d prints to show to my patients during consultation. One area I feel like it would be great for is exophytic renal lesions prior to cryoablation. I have made a renal model, albeit kind of pathetically, with both Slicer and Blender. The AAA is just to get my feet wet with CTA images and producing a model with a lumen such as the splenic artery model you created. Love the forum and really think this is the next big area for IR to grow into and become leaders. 3D printing is truly amazing. Keep up the good work and thanks for the link to the video. J. Scales
  3. How does one use 3D slicer in order to generate the lumen of the vessel? Selecting the artery on a CTA basically gives you the lumen but I would like to know how to "wrap" (as they call it in Mimics) with 3D slicer or Blender. Mimics seems exactly like 3D slicer except for a few more bells and whistles. Really aiming to try and get a model like Dr. Mike's splenic artery aneurysm model except with an infrarenal fusiform AAA. Just trying to further hone my 3d printing skills after the excellent work and guides that have been done on this forum. Thanks
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