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    rfoot sag t2 - stl file processed This file was created with democratiz3D. Automatically create 3D printable models from CT scans. Learn more.


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    rfoot sag t2

    Version 1.0.0

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    r foot sag t2, Interosseous muscle, Proximal, middle, and distal phalanx of second toe, Metatarsal I (base), Extensor digitorum muscle, Cuneonavicular joint, Metatarsal II (head), Navicular, Adductor hallucis muscle, Talonavicular joint, Flexor digitorum longus muscle, Talonavicular ligament, Adductor allucis muscle, Medial tarsal artery, Medial cuneiform, Talocalcaneal interosseous ligament, Intermediate cuneiform, Anterior medial malleolar artery Peroneus (fibularis) longus muscle, Talus, Deep plantar arch, Extensor hallucis longus muscle, Quadratus plantae muscle, Tibia, Plantar calcaneonavicular ligament, Talocrural joint, Flexor digitorum brevis muscle, Tibialis posterior muscle, Plantar aponeurosis, Flexor hallucis longus muscle, Lateral plantar artery, vein, and nerve, Posterior talofibular ligament, Abductor digiti minimi muscle, Achilles’ tendon (calcaneal tendon), Subtalar joint, Pre-Achilles’ fat body, Calcaneus


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