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  1. vennem

    Spine full

    Very good vertebral column (c4 to L5). It required some easy repair in Meshmixer. I remodeled it some and printed with magnets, at about 40%. One side color, other side "realistic" bone from a burial.
  2. vennem

    Half skull, half size, STL format

    Printed quite well on fdm printer, white plastic and added a soil stain for archaeological context
  3. vennem

    Pubic Symphyses: Male, 18yo

    Very good design, and printed well in pla. I remeshed some to print vertically, and added some labels (M18 and side L and R). I accidentally put Land R backwards. I wish it was a little better/higher resolution. Not sure if this was a small male (probably), or the scale was a slightly decreased. I would suggest others to scale to about 110-115%
  4. Printed in FFF with supports in PLA, came out great. Great training model. I just need to make a stand for it.