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  1. We have added an extension to streamline the process of loading images of unknown file format. We also added a video tutorial for loading Samsung .mvl files: https://discourse.slicer.org/t/new-extension-rawimageguess-for-loading-of-images-from-unrecognized-file-format/9219.
  2. You might find useful this video tutorial about how to segment whole heart using 3D Slicer's Segment editor: You can enable close captioning, as the audio is quite difficult to hear.
  3. Have you tried 3D Slicer recently? We've completely reworked segmentation by adding a new Segment Editor, which should be comparable and in a couple of things much better than commercial software (not just in price, flexibility and extensibility but in capabilities as well). Segment editor supports overlapping segments, advanced masking, real-time slice/3D view synchronization, hugely improved Fast GrowCut ("Grow from seeds"), contour interpolation, hollowing, smoothing, cutting, Boolean operations, input volume switching, editing on oblique slices, etc. You can find a couple of tutorials and demos on our lab's YouTube channel and you can find some step-by-step tutorials here. If you install SlicerRT extension, then you can load RT structure sets directly into Slicer and edit them using Segment Editor (or compare them, register, transform them, export them to DICOM, compute DVH, etc.). See for example this module for DICOM import, automatic registration of prostate MRI to ultrasound, and DICOM export: If you have any specific request or recommendation then let us know. There may be many things that are easy to implement and make your work much easier.
  4. For anybody who stumbles upon this thread: we've added "Hollow" effect to 3D Slicer's new Segment Editor module. It has the option of creating vessel wall inside, outside, or around the surface. The method uses labelmap representation for internal computation therefore it is very robust (there are no degenerate triangles or intersecting surfaces in the generated mesh), you may just need to set the resolution of the segmentation if you want to create models of very thin walls.. Here is a short demo video about how to use it: We constantly improve 3D Slicer's segmentation capabilities and 3D printing is one of the driving applications, so any feedback or feature requests are welcome.
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