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    3D Printer Ready Human Hyoid Bone

    3D Medical imaging data was obtained in the .stl format. The hyoid bone was localized from the .stl --sectioned off in the software -- and that part of the anatomy was revised using 3D modeling techniques to be highly adaptable to 3D printing platforms for potential regenerative medicine applications.
    Author and Licensing
    This hyoid bone re-topology was performed by Chris Leggett. It is free to use for research purposes, with modifications as needed, and any future clinical purposes with standard citation practices for using this material and under the creative commons attribution license.
    Additional citations
    (Public domain original material) =
    3DPX-000601 from NIH3D Print Exchange


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  2. Free

    Print Optimized Small Fluid Test Flask

    Part Details:
    This is a miscellaneous, editable part that can be printed and consists of purely triagonal and quad faces throughout the file for printing here.

    This model can be freely derived and using any editing methods for both commercial and non-commercial purposes with standard attribution to source of data.
    This miscellaneous part is kept simple for easy file editing, part revision and easy printing. The model does however have areas where edges fall-off at 90-degrees so plan print tests accordingly.
    Proposed uses:

    The advantages would be ability to custom material and dimensions to application. This file would be a simple prototype for any number of permutations of flask elements for use in the biology research setting.

    Software/methods used:
    This model was prepared using Blender 2.71.
    001-003.jpg are measurement specifications for the device
    004.jpg is estimated cost to print using materials from Shapeways.com


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