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    There are two excellent upcoming conferences that will have lots of information on medical 3D printing. I will be attending and speaking at both. If you are able, please attend. 1) Radiological Society of North American (RSNA) November 26 to Dec 1, 2017. Chicago, IL http://www.rsna.org/Annual_Meeting.aspx 2) Mayo Clinic Collaborative 3D Printing in Medical Practice 2018, Feb 23-25, Scottsdale, Arizona. https://radiologyeducation.mayo.edu/store/collaborative-3d-printing-in-medical-practice-2018
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    You have a lot of video tutorials how to make 3D models using mentioned softwares on this forum that @Dr. Mike made, just take a second and find them
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    1977: Why would anybody want to use a computer? 1994: Why would anybody want to use the Internet? 2016: Why would anybody want to use 3D printing? I'm glad that you and the members of this community are open minded. This technology is the future, and with it we are going to change medicine and patient care for the better.
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