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    Are you working on a cool 3D printing project? If so, let us know and we might feature you and your work in our newsletter. Send a message to me and let me know about what you are doing.
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    Postprocessing 3D prints

    I was thinking the same, until I found the Silk PLA. It's a composite - 85% PLA, 15% Polyester and it's dirt cheap. The advantages are: 1. In contrast to the natural PLA, the Silk one doesn't warp or deform during the cooling (or at least the deformation is minimal). 2. It prints really well. You can make the impossible possible with this material. 3. It looks amazing. The layer lines are almost invisible, the silk finishing is appealing, the colors are vivid. 4. The supports falls easily. You just have to pull them and they are done. Tried this on a heart, brain and aorta models. You don't even need increased retraction for this. 5. The stringing is minimal. No more "hairs". 6. It's cheap. 7. Because of those characteristics, this is material of choice for models with accurate morphological measurements. I'm using mostly this material, when I want to have an accurate model. So, check the local store for this material and try it yourself. You can thank me latter. P.S. For best results, print it at 200C.
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