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    Angel Sosa


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    Wow, that is pretty cool! Thanks for sharing!
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    Thanks for share @kopachini congenital syngnathia is a very rare condition. Great work!
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    Dr. Mike

    Temporal Bone Left

    Here is an article on the benefits of using 3D printed temporal bones for surgical training https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6703115/
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    I think this is the biggest thoracic aneurysm I have ever seen. I am glad the patient survived!
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    Thank you so much, im learning how to use 3d slicer and DICOM files, this is really helpful. Cheers from Argentina!
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    Imag3D tutorial support files, DICOM and NRRD

    Thank You for your work! The tutorials and the additional material have been very useful for me. I'm a newbie in 3D printing and finding this blog has been a great start. Greetings from Madrid.
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