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    Angel Sosa


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    Wow, that is pretty cool! Thanks for sharing!
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    Thanks for share @kopachini congenital syngnathia is a very rare condition. Great work!
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    Dr. Mike

    Temporal Bone Left

    Here is an article on the benefits of using 3D printed temporal bones for surgical training https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6703115/
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    I think this is the biggest thoracic aneurysm I have ever seen. I am glad the patient survived!
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    Thank you so much, im learning how to use 3d slicer and DICOM files, this is really helpful. Cheers from Argentina!
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    Shannan, I was able to print the slices without having to go through Meshmixer. I am using a Prusa MK3 i3 and just put the files in the Slic3r PE and it printed flawlessly. the slicer did find few holes but they were automatically fixed. Look at my review and you will be able to see the result. Eric
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    Imag3D tutorial support files, DICOM and NRRD

    Thank You for your work! The tutorials and the additional material have been very useful for me. I'm a newbie in 3D printing and finding this blog has been a great start. Greetings from Madrid.
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    Dr. Mike

    Pubic Symphyses, Female 34yo

    Thanks for sharing Terrie!
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    Dr. Mike

    Temporal Bone Left

    Wow! That is an amazing 3D print and highly detailed. I love how you can see the ridges on the internal surface of the skull. You can clearly see all the foramina clearly. It looks like a great tool for medical education. Thanks so much for sharing!
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    Got the following message for slice 4 when laying out the files in Repetier-Host V1.0.6: "The object is not manifold. This essentially means,that it is not watertight. This normally causes problems during slicing, resulting in unwanted results. We strongly advice (sic) to repair the file. " I used the site Repetier recommended to repair the file before printing.
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