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    Hi Small modification: In Blender ver 2.83, bpy.context.object.modifiers["Shrinkwrap"].use_keep_above_surface = True should be changed to: bpy.context.object.modifiers["Shrinkwrap"].wrap_mode = 'ABOVE_SURFACE'
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    Dental technology and treatment techniques have changed a lot of things. It can be seen that now people can get better treatments through 3d printing and detailed pictures of the dental issues. Thanks for explaining the importance of 3d printing and teeth implants here. It is going to be very helpful for everyone. <a href="https://crestwooddentalky.com/oral-surgery/">Dentist La Grange KY</a>
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    i can not get my dcm files imported in the latest slicer
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    Ravikant Kamal

    3d printing and COVID-19 UPDATE!

    Amazing to see how many people have shown the intent to help in this difficult time. As a small effort from our side we are providing free 3d segmented model of COVID-19 for researchers . Please find link below https://www.mysegmenter.com/order/images?link=M7430vYEbn Also people can download the entire datasets from our site: http://covidctscans.org/
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    Great tutorial, very complete and well thought out. Do you prefer 3Dslicer to Horos? Are there advantages or quality differences worth mentioning? Will the Democtatiz3D app offer vasculature as an operation in the future?
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