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    Version 1.0.0


    This is a HEPA filter holder for BVMs. I designed this filter holder because of a shortage of commercial products. The filters were 1.25 inch square made from HEPA rated vacuum cleaner bags rated "HEPA Media Traps 99.97% of Particles Down to 0.3 Microns". Also included is a box for storage of replacement HEPA filters. I used 75% infill because they were being used by ambulance teams. I used PETG because it is water and chemical resistance. Soaked some in 70% alcohol and some in 25% bleach without any visual affects. Nozzle 260C, bed 70C, flow 60% and cooling 50% PLEASE NOTE: I do not have the knowledge nor equipment to verify the level of protection! It is the responsibility of the user to determine the actual level of protection and use it accordingly!


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    Version 1.0.0


    These are the pieces needed to make a face shield. It is designed to use laminator pouches as the shield as they are inexpensive and can be disposed instead of sterilized. The design is similar to the Prusa face shield but with a couple significant differences. With this version there is no need to punch holes in the shield, they just friction fit. The fastener for the elastic headband is easily adjustable and the brow piece has a compound curve so that it is significantly more comfortable during prolonged use. This design now has a cap that snaps in place and seals off the top of the mask. Being removable both makes it optional and much easier to clean. Feel free to use it as you would like, just please do not charge anyone for the finished product other than supplies.


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    Here are links to a face shield system I designed. It's key features are: The shield is held in place with a friction fit so it does not need to have holes punched in it. This is great for quickly changing shields instead of having to sterilize the whole unit each use. It can use a range of materials for shields but is designed for regular laminator pouches, either 3 or 5 mil. Usually about $0.30 each. The brow strip has a compound curve to make it very comfortable, even for extended periods. The retainer for the elastic head band is infinitely adjustable. I am just finishing up a removable cover that clips across the top to reduce the chance of particles falling onto the face. Clips off for easy cleaning. Feel free to create and share but please do not charge money, other than for supplies if you need to. V4 Bottom.stl V4 Head.stl
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