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    Dear all, I'd like to add something to my original post. I advised to buy the canvas hub. Don't do it! It's just a Raspberry Pi Zero W with Octoprint on it. Instad you should buy a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ (or newer) and install Octoprint yourself on it. Setup guide at: Canvas Octoprint Guide. The whole system will work with less lags because the Zero W is a lot slower than the 3B+ and you will save some money Regarding Printing time. When you have the possibility to purge into infill (available with Prusa system and in the near future with the Palette 2) the purge block will shrink if you print bigger parts (more infill). The lumbar spine I've printed is cut through the middle and I've printed both parts at once: No supports 30% infill 3 perimeters 0.15 layer hight (0.4 nozzle) Total print time 44 hours on my Prusa MMU2. (around 270 color changes) (Palette 2 should be about the same time.) Total print time as a single color print would be 38 hours. Soluble supports. I print all my (interface) supports with Verbatim BVOH. It works great with PLA but ... Maximum printing speed is around 20 mm/s (so way slower than PLA) You have to purge a lot (at least 120 mm^3 on every change which is about double the amount for a normal color change and it should be even more with the Palette 2) You have to use a container with low humidity and sometimes dry it. Palette 2 with dual extruder. It doesn't work atm. Since it is a very closed system it should be extremely difficult if not impossible for some one from the community to add this feature. If the company behind the product is working on this I don't know.
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