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    This week we want to share with the embodi3D community the seven most downloaded models from the dental, orthodontic and maxillofacial category. Uses of 3D printing include the production of drill guides for dental implants, the production of physical models for prosthodontics, orthodontics and surgery, as well as the manufacture of dental, craniomaxillofacial and orthopaedic implants, and the fabrication of copings and frameworks for implant and dental restorations. The most downloaded file is an STL model of a woman's mandible. This model was 3D printed by an embodi3D member with excellent results. Be sure to click through and check out this STL file and images of the resulting 3D dental print. The list also includes other great 3D dental models. You might be interested in our list of top 10 human heart STL files or our list of free human anatomy STL files including brain, heart, mandible and spine. We also have a list of the ten most downloaded 3D printable STL files on embodi3d.com. Don’t forget to register and download the STL files so you can 3D print the models yourself. Please reply to this post with which model you like best. 1. An excellent 3D model of a woman's mandible with great detail. 2. This model was created from a conebeam CT and segmented on itk-snap. 3. A highly detailed dental scan shows the bony anatomy of the maxilla, mandible and facial structures in great detail. 4. 3D model of the mandibula with details of the teeth 5. A 3d model of the mandible for implant study. 6. Digital model of the orbit with the frontal bone shown. 7. A beautiful STL file 3D model of parasymphyseal and subcondylar mandibular fractures. Please reply to this post with which model you like best or if you know of a good file which should be included post it here. References 1. Dawood, A., Marti, B. M., Sauret-Jackson, V., & Darwood, A. (2015). 3D printing in dentistry. British dental journal, 219(11), 521.
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