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    Teeth Micro CT

    Sorry guys been so busy and only now could come back and read your responses. I ended up with Mevislab for segmentation and analysis. Here is an example of what I have been doing. Cheers. Diogo Guerreiro S18T7 Final.mp4
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    You have a lot of video tutorials how to make 3D models using mentioned softwares on this forum that @Dr. Mike made, just take a second and find them
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    3d printing baby

    we are making 3d printed babies based on the 3d ultrasound data. we also convert 3d ultrasound data to stl file and make it ready to print. we are interested to cooperate with any clinics from all over the world. please visit our website and let us know what you guys think about this topic. website: https://3dnini.jimdo.com/
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    Dr. Mike

    3d printing baby

    Very cool. Thanks for sharing!
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    There seems to be lots of interest in this community regarding 3D printing from ultrasound images. Does anybody know of resources available to show how to do it? I'm sure many here would be interested.
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    Give Myself a Hand

    I printed my hand a couple weeks back. The model is available for sale at: Or try your 'hand' at segmenting it from the scan data that is free at: I am still working on getting better transparency to show the internal bones. With FDM true transparency only works for single perimeter prints (like vases) but I am trying some other plastics that should do better than this one done with PLA. The light source is pretty bright, the bones are difficult to see normally.
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