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    I was recently asked this question and I am sharing the answer with the group in hopes that somebody will find it helpful. Question: "I am a teacher at a High School in Arizona, we recently built a FAB LAB (digital fabrication facility) and are interested in starting a medical imaging class/club. We have several medical professionals, Dentist, Orthopedic Surgeon, General Practice, Physical Therapist and Medical researchers, who are interested in volunteering in to help with this program. Our goal is twofold, one to increase student interest in pursuing medical professions and two to give students an avenue for employment in the emerging 3D medical imaging field. Ultimately our goal would be to have a Career and Technical Education (CTE) program where students could graduate with some sort of certificate indicating competency. My question is, are there recommended training/certification programs that we need to consider and implement? What are your recommendations for us moving forward with this program. Any information you could provide would be appreciated." Answer: " Hello ______ Just to clarify, are you talking about medical 3D Printing? If so, there is currently no such certification program in this technology. One basic requirement is an understanding of medical imaging technologies, so I would say a bare minimum to do medical 3D printing would be a certification as a CT or MRI technologist, which have established training pathways for post-secondary education. Here is a link. https://study.com/ct_technician.html You would then have to obtain experience with 3D printing, of which there is no formal pathway. Of course, you can obtain greater imaging expertise as a radiologist, which is 4 years of med school and 6 of residency and fellowship after college. Again, there is still no formal pathway for the actual 3D printing component of this. Hope this helps."
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    Teeth Micro CT

    Sorry guys been so busy and only now could come back and read your responses. I ended up with Mevislab for segmentation and analysis. Here is an example of what I have been doing. Cheers. Diogo Guerreiro S18T7 Final.mp4
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    For those of you in the Boston area, I will be speaking at the Formlabs FUSE conference on June 6, taking place at MIT. This is the main Formlabs user conference. Here is a schedule. I hope to see you there! Dr. Mike
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    Jack K

    Temporal Bone Left

    I was really impressed with the amount of detail that has gone into this model. As someone who has just started researching the structure of the inner ear; the combination of this model and "Left Bony Labyrinth"has given me a greater appreciation for where everything is in relation to each other. Thank you dignic.
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    ".dicom" to ".stl" softwares

    Thank you for the reply! I will definitely try 3D slicer to. I just validated a trial license for Mimics and 3-matic today. I received a brief tutorial from Materialise and would like guidance from other tutorials (in videos or documents) to use it.
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