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Custom Sinus Stent, Dilator

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I'm an aerospace engineer with multiple patents in various fields. I am an expert in design and mechanical engineering. I myself have had a collapsed sinus wall as well as four surgeries. I am working to design my own sinus stent/dilator/catheter/implant for the goal of having a more normal lifestyle. I hope to use this forum to answer any questions I may have when designing my implant. There are no guarantees it will solve the issue of chronic sinusitis.  The STL 3D model will shed some light into what problems may exist. Even the best doctors must evaluate a triple view of CT scans and make sense of navigation. Models help with this complexity. I am working with my ENT specialist. He is a great surgeon and wants to take things slow seeing as how I've had four procedures now. I must endure this process and learn as much as I can. Upon completion of my own project, I am open to helping anyone in the field of medicine advance this process and technology in order to help others. Life is too short to be miserable every day. Anyone who has experience with this area, please reply and give input. I'm open to any and all opinions and experiences. Added value to the project is also helpful. Thank you.

Sincerely, AJP California

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