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3D Printing helps in complex orthopaedic surgeries


This article is graciously shared with the community by embodi3D user @Agam Shah.  He offers 3D printing services in India.  Thank you Agam!  

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Accidents are very unfortunate. Such an unfortunate incident happened with 14 yr old, Aaska Shah on 3rd Dec 2019. She fractured her left hand’s elbow while playing. The x-ray scan shows multiple fractures which made the case quite complicated. The news of fracturing her elbow so badly left her parents devastated.


At this young age, planting a prosthetic implant would have compromised the natural movement and ability of the patient. So, the doctors were left with the only option to operate the patient and keep the bone pieces in place by clamps. After being denied by several hospitals who thought that an operation would be too difficult and dangerous, Aaska’s parents brought their daughter to the Surat’s well known Dr Jignesh Pandya.


Read the full article here: https://www.amchronicle.com/news/3d-printing-helps-in-complex-orthopaedic-surgeries/


Thank you to embodi3D member @Agam Shah for sharing this great story with us!

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