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Research paper: Guidelines for medical 3D printing

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The RSNA/SIG released a paper about guidelines for medical 3d printing.


Download link e.g.: Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) 3D printing Special Interest Group (SIG): guidelines for medical 3D printing and appropriateness for clinical scenarios


On page 7 there is an interesting table with ratings from 1-9 about the usefulness of 3d printing on specific medical scenarios:

1-3: rarely appropriate

4-6: maybe appropriate

7-9: usually appropriate

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I'm a member of this group and was involved in the drafting if the guidelines. And they are guidelines and subject to change. Really at this moment nobody really know what is or isn't appropriate for a certain indication. The publication is really a summary of where the literature is at the moment and where the is some published research about where 3D printing may be useful. It is a good start.


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