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STL or OBJ of facial muscles

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Dear all,
I am looking for a collection/library of 3d single facial muscles (i.e. masseter, temporal, etc.) in .stl or .obj format to import, attach and model on a personalized skull (obtained from a CT scan). It is for "facial reconstruction" 
Can you help me?
Thanks in advanceScreenshot_20181123-192117.thumb.jpg.716ce52bc79d646840b59ae6cf04db03.jpg

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There are some muscle sets on Sketcfab but I haven't found any that are downloadable. The ATOR site (http://arc-team-open-research.blogspot.com/2013/12/modeling-muscles-and-skin-in-blenders.html) has posts on many facial reconstruction resources, primarily using Blender. I can't find whether Cicero Moraes has provided links to muscle models.


If you are not familiar with Blender, Meshmixer might be easier to add primitives and deform them to the appropriate shapes. I have found that you can also import a skull two times into Meshmixer so that you can use the sculpting tools to "pull" the muscles or even tissue depth pegs from one skull mesh while leaving an intact/visible skull mesh underneath.

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