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Dr. Mike

Problems with converting a CBCT of a denture to a STL model with democratiz3D

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I user recently sent me the following question. I am posting the answer in the hopes it will help others.


"We are trying to convert a CBCT of a denture that was scanned into an STL for a custom try.  I already converted the dicom to NRRD file, but when we go to convert the NRRD file to the stl, The stl being produced is not of the denture, it is only of the alignment markers that was placed on the denture.  Am I doing something wrong within the settings possibly?



I was able to process your NRRD file using our premium dental operation and manually adjusting the threshold.
Normally the dental operation sets the threshold to 300 (Hounsfield units). However, this doesn't work well because the denture material is less dense than normal jaw bone. By lowering the threshold value to 100, it targets the denture material. A good looking STL file is created using the premium dental operation, with ultra quality and threshold set to 100.
Remember that you can always adjust the threshold level to suite your specific needs. You don't have to stick with the defaults. Hope this helps.

Dr. Mike

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