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Dr. Mike

Lots of interest in 3D printing from Ultrasound

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There seems to be lots of interest in this community regarding 3D printing from ultrasound images. Does anybody know of resources available to show how to do it? I'm sure many here would be interested.

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On 3/18/2019 at 7:53 PM, Victorac said:

It would be interesting a tutorial. I did not find anything online talking about this as you talked about CT.

3D modeling and printing from US data is pretty much the same as from CT... using treshold technique and generating mesh.
The biggest problem, for now, is how to open DICOM data obtained from US because it differs to one obtained from CT in one of the software for sliceing (3D Slicer).

For now, in 3D slicer you can open DICOM data from GE machines and Philips but people are working on enabling importing DICOM data from other manufacturers.

Hope this helps a little bit :)

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