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A foot from healthy patient in non weight bearing

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Dear Dr. Mike.

Frist of all thank you for running this useful website.
I am a 3rd yr Podiatry student with the visual background. I have already made a foot based on several X-ray images and my knowledge in the blender. 
However, to make a realistic 3d object, I need a CT scan data of a healthy (man or woman) with at least 23 years old.
I just want to see how the real angulation of the foot in the neutral and supination and pronation in the non-weight bearing. 
I know about all the variation of the talus and calcaneus and I am trying to make that one which exists in the majority.

Thank you for your help.

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Are you looking for CT scans which you can then use with democratiz3D? Will an STL file work? Have you looked in the lower leg extremity category here on embodi3d.com?




In this category, there are many STL files ready for 3D printing which may meet your requirements.

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