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Hominin fossils available online

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There are some excellent academic resources that make high quality 3D scans and downloadable 3D printable files available to the public from various museums and academic institutions. One great resource is African Fossils collection at:




Another online collection is a joint university collection at Morphosource:




We have embarked on an academic project with LSU Medical School Department of Human Anatomy to produce an exhibit of full scale hominin skulls for study in comparative anatomy to the modern Homo sapien skull.


I will post pics of the fossils for this exhibit in an album here:




This is an ongoing project with the ultimate goal of producing 3D printed replicas of approximately one dozen skulls of evolutionary significance.

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Whoa! Thanks for sharing this. What a great resource not only for 3D printing but also for evolutionary biology. I'm definitely looking forward to hearing more about your comparative anatomy work. Please post when you have more available!

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