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This shoulder and humerus was generated from real CT scan data and is thus anatomically accurate as it comes from a real person. It shows the left scapula, humerus, proximal radius and ulna bones, and the shoulder and elbow joints. The humerus has been joined to the scapula at the glenohumeral joint to form one solid piece.

This file was originally created by Dr. Bruno Gobbato, who has graciously given permission to share it here on Embodi3D. Modifications were made by Dr. Mike to make it suitable for 3D printing.

The file(s) are distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license. It can't be used for commercial purposes. If you would like to use it for commercial purposes, please contact the authors.

Technical specs:

File format: STL

Manifold mesh: Yes

Minimum wall thickness: 1 mm

Triangles: 125370

What's New in Version 01/25/2015 05:21 AM   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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First of all thanks for uploading this model, its a really good quality surface mesh.

Sadly, the medullary cavity has been filled in making the entire humerus one big solid body. I guess this is good if you are just 3D printing but I'm interested in the internal structures.

Is there any chance the original NRRD files could be made available or a model version uploaded from before the fill operation was completed on the internal structures? I know this is a big ask but this file would be amazing for something I'm currently working on


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