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A Ridiculously Easily Way to Convert CT Scans to 3D Printable Bone STL Models for Free in Minutes which allows you to follow along with the tutorial. Included is an anonymized chest abdomen pelvis CT in both DICOM and NRRD formats.


Serratus anterior muscle,  Right lung,  Latissimus dorsi muscle,  Liver (right lobe),  Diaphragm (lumbar part)  Suprarenal gland,  Rib,  Right kidney,  Psoas major muscle, . Spinal canal with cauda equina,  Transversospinales muscles, . Superior articular process (zygapophysis),  Inferior articular process (zygapophysis),  Iliac crest, . Dorsal sacroiliac ligaments,  Ilium (ala),  Gluteus maximus muscle
 Piriformis muscle, . Left lung, External intercostal muscle,  Thoracic aorta,  Diaphragm,  Stomach,  Spleen,  Thoracic vertebra (T12),  Left kidney,  Descending colon,  Transversus abdominis muscle,  Internal abdominal oblique muscle,  External abdominal oblique muscle,  Quadratus lumborum muscle,  Iliocostalis muscle,  Ligamenta flava,  Gluteus medius muscle,  Vertebral arch (lamina of L5), Sacroiliac joint,  Sacrum,  Rectum, 

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Thank You for your work!


The tutorials and the additional material have been very useful for me. I'm a newbie in 3D printing and finding this blog has been a great start.


Greetings from Madrid.


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Great Work!Thank you very much! Can i download the images to use them in a Monte Carlo simulation? 


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