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This file is a micro segmentation of bony labyrinth taken from a CT scan. I paid particular attention to the vestibule bone with its 2 windows, the cochlea and the semicircular canals. To exhibit all bony labyrinth I eliminated the middle ear structures, but I kept the hammer, the incus and the facial nerve canal. you can observe the course of the facial nerve canal in its three portions with two knees and with his natural dehiscences.
I also left in place the internal auditory canal and the internal auditory meatus where are visible the facial cochlear and vestibular nerves openings with the bony eminences that separate them (Bill's Bar, Crista falciformis).
You can open the file with any program for managing files .stl and navigate in three dimensions between or within the bony structures (I do with the program called Preview in Mac) to facilitate the study of these complex structures. I added screenshots which shows the most important structures.
The file is already ready to be printed and does not need cleaning.
The dimensions are X: 21.3 mm, Y: 16.4 mm, Z: 16.4 mm (2x1.6x1.6 cm).
You can easily increase the size if you want to print a solid model of the inner ear


P.S. I spent many hours to this work and would like to have your opinions and suggestions on where to improve. I provide for those who want the file at different stages of processing


Nicola Di Giuseppe

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Hi Luis my english is so bad if you can speak in italian or spanish is better for me.....

The file is good and was printed many time from many users.....the bony structures of the inner ear is very very thin.....if you have a printer software you can see how much thin is the wall and if is printable...if is not printable you can select and thicken the entire file.....


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Hi Nicola;

I bought it and I need it fr heat transfer study within the inner ear. So, I am going to import the STL file to COMSOL. I really like the model but I need the following information:

1- How many CT did you used to make this model?

2- Is it in the actual scale? or you scaled it up or down?

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