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This is a .stl file of a left temporal bone ready for 3d printing.


I have segmented a CT scan paying attention to all the important bony structures of the ear.
In the .stl screenshots you can see the mastoid, malleus, incus, the bony canal of the facial nerve, the stylomastoid foramen Etc.
I do this for my training and the idea is to perform a mastoidectomy just in my desktop
i have printed my personal 3d plaster model (you can see in the screenshots) but i haven't the courage to destroy it with the drill..... :):):(


I hope that my work can be of help to anyone who wants to try to drill a faithful model of temporal bone at home or simply want to study the anatomy in a versatile 3d .stl Model


Good Job


Nicola Di Giuseppe M.D.

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Wow! That is an amazing 3D print and highly detailed. I love how you can see the ridges on the internal surface of the skull. You can clearly see all the foramina clearly. It looks like a great tool for medical education. Thanks so much for sharing!

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Thank You Mike. I finally Destroyed my Model performing my First 3DMed-Lab at Home. It Was Amazinggggg. 

The canal wall down mastoidectomy was very similar to those made of real bone in Real-lab and feedback of the drill very realistic.
I will Post Pics soon

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I made a 3D print of the mastoid air cell system, I shared a picture of it along this text :-) Great to see I am not the only one working on this fascinating bone :-)

Fichier 30-04-2017 10 30 37.png

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