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Circle of Willis from MRA.Posterior internal frontal artery
Anterior parietal artery,  Paracentral artery,  Posterior parietal artery, , Anterior internal frontal artery,  Superior internal parietal artery, , Medial internal frontal artery,  Inferior internal parietal artery,  Frontal polar artery,  Artery of the angular gyrus,  Pericallosal artery,  Posterior temporal artery,  Prefrontal arteries,  Second segment of the middle cerebral artery,  Second segment of the anterior cerebral artery,  Anterior choroidal artery,  Frontal orbital artery,  Posterior communicating artery,  Ophthalmic artery,  Internal carotid artery,  Callosomarginal artery, MRI, with contrast



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