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Thoracic spine Esophagus, Vertebra prominens C7,  Thyroid gland.  Interspinalis cervicis muscle,  Trachea,  Supraspinous ligament,  Sternohyoid muscle, Thoracic vertebral body, Interspinous ligament,  Sternum (manubrium),  Spinous process.  Ascending aorta,  Thoracic spinal cord,  Anterior longitudinal ligament.  Inferior vertebral endplate T6,  Intervertebral disk T9/T10 (anulus
fibrosus),  Ligamentum flavum,  Superior vertebral endplate T7,  Epidural fatty tissue (retrospinal fat),   Conus medullaris, Intervertebral disk T9/T10 (nucleus pulposus),  Cauda equina,  Filum terminale,  Descending aorta, MRI, without, contrast, .stl, 3d, model, printable,

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