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9mo post op cervical fusion c3-c4, ct, scan, without, contrast, coronal, neck, .stl, 3d, model, printable, axis, atlas, dens, upper, lower, teeth, dens, upper, lower, teeth, canine, molar, premolar, incisor, mandible, angle, body, tongue, digastric, suprahyoid, infrahyoid, muscles, hyoid, bone, trachea, esophagus, parotid, gland, thyroid, cartilage, occipital, foramen, magnum, hard, palate, soft, vertebral, spinous, process, transverse, Obliquus capitis superior muscle,  Spinal cord,  Longus capitis muscle,  Sternocleidomastoid muscle,  Obliquus capitis inferior muscle, cartilage, Obliquus capitis superior muscle,  Rectus capitis posterior minor muscle,  Semispinalis capitis muscle,  Splenius capitis muscle, ramus of mandible, Medial pterygoid muscle,  Tensor veli palatini muscle,  Superior constrictor muscle of pharynx,  Pharynx,  

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