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Dois arquivos simultaneos, para teste, 


Extensor indicis muscle, Extensor digitorum muscle, dorsal metacarpal ligament,  Metacarpal IV (base), Metacarpal III (base),  Extensor digiti minimi muscle, Metacarpal II (base), Palmar intercarpal ligament, Metacarpal V, Flexor digitorum profundus muscle, Extensor pollicis longus muscle,  Opponens digiti minimi muscle,  Joint capsule,  Abductor digiti minimi muscle,  Adductor pollicis muscle (oblique head),  Hamate,  Extensor pollicis brevis muscle,  Metacarpal I (base),  Flexor digiti minimi muscle,  Flexor pollicis longus muscle,  Palmaris brevis muscle,  Median nerve, Ulnar nerve,  Opponens pollicis muscle,  Abductor pollicis brevis muscle,  Flexor digitorum superficialis muscle, Palmar aponeurosis, Flexor retinaculum, coracohumeral ligament,  Deltoid muscle (clavicular part), Middle glenohumeral ligament,  Coracoid process,  Humerus (lesser tubercle),  Pectoralis major muscle, Biceps brachii muscle (long head tendon),  Clavicle, Intertubercular sulcus (bicipital groove),  Pectoralis minor muscle tendon),  Humerus (greater tubercle),  Subclavius muscle,  Deltoid muscle (acromial part),  Brachial  plexus,  Head of humerus,  Glenoid,  Superior glenoid labrum,  Rib,  Intraspinatus muscle,  Coracoclavicular ligament, Spine of scapula, , Lung,  Deltoid muscle (spinal part),  Internal and external intercostal muscles, Supraspinatus muscle, 
Infraspinatus muscle, Serratus anterior muscle, MRI, T1, upper, limb, 

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