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We are trying to convert this to an STL file.  If you have issues, can you email adamjvillarreal@gmail.com.






ct, scan, with, contrast, axial, coronal, sagittal, lung, mediastinum, great, vessels, heart, auricle, right, hypertrophy, ventricle, cardiomegaly, dorsal, spine, scapula, clavicle, bone, 3d, model, septum, carotid, subclavian, arteries, diaphragm, bronchi

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Can you give me some background information about the health condition of the patient? The set is excellent, but there is something really wrong with the anatomy of this heart. I want to model it properly.

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I downloaded the file and took a look. I see right ventricular hypertrophy, a large VSD, pulmonary valve atresia/stenosis and an overriding aorta that is also on the right side. I think this is Tetrology of Fallot. It is a cool scan!
Dr. Mike

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