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Interosseous muscles, Metatarsal , Extensor digiti muscle, Tarsometatarsal joint,  Flexor digitorum longus muscle, Intermediate cuneiform,  Adductor hallucis muscle,  Lateral cuneiform,  Lumbrical muscle,  Dorsal tarsal ligaments,  Adductor hallucis muscle,  Navicular,  Deep plantar arch,  Dorsalis pedis artery,  Peroneus (fibularis) longus,  Dorsal talonavicular ligament,  Flexor digitorum brevis muscle,  Bifurcate ligament,  Cuboid, Talocalcaneal interosseous ligament,  Calcaneocuboid joint,  Extensor digitorum longus muscle,  Spring ligament (plantar calcaneonavicular ligament),  Talocrural joint,  Long plantar ligament,  Tibia,  Lateral plantar artery, vein, and nerve,  Talus,  Abductor digiti minimi muscle,  Flexor hallucis longus muscle,  Plantar aponeurosis,  Posterior talofibular ligament,  Calcaneus, Subtalar joint,  Achilles’ tendon (calcaneal tendon), T1, MRI, without contrast, sagittal, printable, .stl, 3d model

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