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fracture, Tensor fasciae latae muscle,  Rectus femoris muscle,  Iliopsoas muscle,  Right external iliac artery and vein,  Spermatic cord,  Urethra, Suspensory ligament of penis,  Rectus abdominis muscle,  Pubis,  Obturator artery, Obturator externus muscle,  Superficial epigastric artery and vein,  Femoral nerve,  Sartorius muscle,  Gluteus minimus muscle,  Fascia lata,  Gluteus maximus muscle,  Ischiorectal fossa,  Prostate,  Rectal ampulla,  Coccyx,  Levator ani muscle,  Obturator internus muscle,  Ischium,  Head of femur,  Greater trochanter,  Sciatic nerve,  Inguinal lymph nodes,  Ischiorectal fossa,  Retropubic space,
Pararectal lymph nodes, ct, without contrast, 3d model, stl, 

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