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Attempt to convert ct to stl. 


Outer table of the parietal bone, Diploe, Inner table of the parietal bone, Coronal suture, Groove of the middle meningeal artery, Frontal sinus,  Pituitary fossa, Greater wing of the sphenoid, Cribriform plate,  Anterior clinoid process,  Posterior clinoid process,  Nasal bone,  Sphenoid sinus,  Zygomatic bone (lateral wall of the orbit),  Clivus, Ethmoid sinus,  Petrous portion of the temporal bone,  Maxillary sinus,  Opening of the external auditory canal,  Coronoid process of the mandible,  Foramen magnum,  Zygomatic process,  Hard palate,  Nasopharynx,  Soft palate,  Mandible, ct scan, scout view

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