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yup, Frontal bone, CT with contrast, stl, printable,with contrast, coronal, 
Superior sagittal sinus, Superior frontal gyrus, Falx cerebri, Middle frontal gyrus, Roof of orbit, Straight gyrus, Levator palpebrae superioris muscle,  Superior rectus muscle, Inferior frontal gyrus
 Lacrimal gland,  Superior oblique muscle, Orbicularis oculi muscle,  Lateral rectus muscle,  Ethmoidal cells,  Medial rectus muscle, Inferior rectus muscle, Orbit (retrobulbar fat),  Inferior oblique muscle,  Zygomatic bone, Orbital plate,  Middle and inferior nasal conchas,  Nasal sinus,  Maxillary sinus,  Hard palate,  Nasal septum,  Tongue, Maxilla (alveolar process)
Depressor anguli oris muscle, Body of mandible, carotid, artery, axis, dens, atlas,

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