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3D Printable Human Heart model (Improved) with stackable slices, STL format 1.0.0


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About This File

This 3D printable model of a human heart was generated from a contrast enhanced CT scan.  This model is an improvement over a prior version (here). It shows the heart with slices cut in the anatomical transverse plane. If you are interested in a heart with short-axis slices, check out my short-axis stackable slice model here.

Notches have been added to ensure the slices fit together and do not slide against each other. The model demonstrates the detailed anatomy of the human heart in exquisite detail. Each slice stacks on top of the prior slice to form a complete human heart. Individual slices show the detailed cardiac anatomy of the right and left ventricles, and right and left atria, and outflow tracts. Perfect for educational purposes. It has been validated as printable on an Ultimaker 3 Extended printer.




Technical parameters:

manifold STL (watertight)

vertices: 462576

triangles: 925800

dimensions: 15.1 x 15.2 x 10.5 cm


Other heart files I have made:



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Any way I can get this file for free, please? I have a school project coming up and this would be very useful as a visual demonstration of the heart anatomy. Just to clarify, this will NOT be used for commercial purposes and strictly educational/hobby. If not, can anyone link a similar heart anatomy file that allows one to take apart pieces in order to look inside? Thanks in advance!

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Hey Dr. Mike,


Do you think you could make these in stackable slices in all the standard transthoracic echocardiogram planes? Was considering using it as a teaching model

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